Wednesday, October 4, 2017


It’s time to think like a foreigner. Time to think success and not failure. Time to think responsibility and not blaming others. Time to think opportunities and not obstacles. Time to think dreams and not struggles.


Time to think abundance and not lack. Time to think progress and not delays. Time to think change and not routine. Time to think tomorrow and not yesterday.


Time to think prosperity and not poverty. Time to think multiplication of resources and not division. Time to think addition of properties and not subtraction. Time to think positive thoughts and not negative ones.


Time to think investment and not expenses. Time to think wealth acquisition and not debts creation. Time to think financial freedom and not economic slavery. Time to think multiple sources of income and not salary. Time to think about creating a will for our off-springs and not bills.


Time to think about selling and not just buying. Time to think about producing and not just consuming. Time to think business and not just employment. Time to think faith and not just facts. Time to think about tripling your income and not just doubling your expenses.


Time to think about making a profit and not just waiting for a pay hike. Time to think about building your dream and not just contributing to another person’s. Time to think about God and not the devil. Time to think like an immigrant and not a local. It’s time to think like a foreigner.



Complaining is a popular song sung by the negative, helpless, powerless, hopeless and frustrated masses. Don't join their mass choir but rather learn to sing your own new song. Sing a song of inspiration, sing a song of hope, sing a song of love, sing a song of inspiration, sing a song of success, sing a song of your future dreams and sing a song of faith.


You are one person away from your destiny, one person away from success, one person away from marriage, one person away from striking the deal, one person away from finding employment and one person away from your breakthrough. People are the link to your tomorrow.


Faith is like fuel it will give you the power to push towards your dreams. Faith is like binoculars it will enable you to visualise your destiny. Faith is like a staircase it will enable you to climb over the mountain of impossibilities. Faith is like an electric cable it will enable you to connect to god’s unlimited power supply.


There are people who are watching you without you noticing. There are people who are admiring you without you being aware. There are people who are being inspired by you without you knowing. There are people whose lives you have impacted without you being aware. There are people who look up to you without you knowing. So, keep living productively because somebody somewhere is watching and even following in your footsteps


It is time to grow up. You can't continue behaving like an infant by always waiting for someone to feed you, employ you, guard you, supervise you, appreciate you, protect you, promote you, encourage you, love you, pamper you, support you, defend you, carry you, pray for you, think for you, tolerate your drama and clean up your mess.


Count your blessings and not your burdens, count your friends and not your enemies, count your successes and not your failures, count your testimonies and not your trials, count your great memories and not your painful ones, count your breakthroughs and not your breakups, count your smiles and not your tears and count your dreams and not your nightmares.