Monday, March 19, 2012

How to overcome indecisiveness

Andy Andrews, an author and motivational speaker, tells a story about Hernan Cortes,
a Spanish Conquistador who went in search of and captured a large Aztec treasure.
Before he left for the New World, he gathered the troops he would need and told
them the story of how their life would change after they captured the treasure.
The day finally came for Cortes and his troops to sail.  Each day on the journey
he told his troops the same story about the gold and how it would change their
When they reached the New World, they camped along the shore for a few weeks and
each day Cortes told his troops the same story about the treasure.
Finally, the troops were restless and were eager to find the gold.  Cortes knew
they were ready.  He assembled the troops and gave them one last order - "Burn the
boats."  The men were perplexed, but did as Cortes had said.  Cortes explained to
them that by burning the boats they were eliminating any reason they had to fall
back to safety - it was either capture the treasure or die.
After the troops burnt the boats, they marched off and captured the treasure. So, what are the boats in your life and your business?  What are the things that
give you perception that they are providing you safety, security, and comfort?
What reasons are you making for not burning these boats?