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Saturday, October 9, 2010


We all have or are going to encounter challenges in our lives. And our challenges come in various sizes at various seasons. The only people who are exempted from all these are those who are residing in a cemetery. In more simpler terms, those who have passed away. So, if you are alive know that one way or the other, you are going to encounter traffic lights of struggles, speed humps of disappointments, stop signs of betrayal, congested traffic of delays and road blocks of discouragements. But take note that if you don't give up you will end up arriving in your destination of success. After all you are the one who decides whether to be a loser or winner. This is echoed in the following poem; Winners versus losers.

The winner is always a part of the answer; the loser is always a part of the problem.
The winner always has a programme; the loser always has an excuse.
The winner says, "let me do it for you;"
The loser says,"thats not my job."
The winner sees an answer for every problem;
The loser sees a problem in every answer.
The winner says,"it may be difficult but it's possible,"
The loser says," it may be possible but it's too difficult."

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