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Friday, December 31, 2010

Luggage for 2011

Sy Tshabalala December 31 at 5:36am
As we prepare ourself to board the plane that is taking us to 2011, its important to know that not everything is supposed to be packed in our luggage. Certain things and people are supposed to be left behind. We need to leave behind our negative attitude, bad habits, past painful experiences, fears, failures, disappointments, ungrateful and selfish friends, abusive and unfaithful partners and misleading and bad company. Remember what you don't discard will continue following you like dirty smelling sneakers. What we need to pack is the following items in order to enjoy the journey: positive attitude, honest and caring friends, loving and supporting partners, positive and exciting dreams and positive and empowering habits. Enjoy the journey and i wish you all the best in 2011.

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