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Friday, March 18, 2011

Turn your lemons into lemonade

Life has a way of serving us with lemons when we least expect. Lemons of betrayal, recession, discouragement, rejection, retrenchment, diseases and abuse, lemons that leave us sometimes with a bitter taste of depression and hopelessness. But in the midst of all this, there are people who have learned to deal with their lemons. Some have even gone further by turning their lemons into lemonade. In this doughnut I would like to challenge you to follow the footprints of these people:
Successful screen writer, director and film producer, Antwone Fisher turned his painful life (lemon) of being raised and abused by some of his foster mothers into a script (lemonade) which later became a movie titled, Antwone Fisher, starring Derek Luke and Denzil Washington. Michele Deberge also turned her painful divorce experience (lemon) into a life coaching business company (lemonade) for divorced women called, Starting over without him. Mr and Mrs Leland Stanford turned their lemon of having their proposal rejected of erecting a building in Harvard University in honour of their dead son who was once a student of that institution. Rather than sit and complain, the Stanfords went on to build a university bearing their name (lemonade). My favourate movie mogul, Tyler Perry turned the lemons of having his movies rejected by some of Hollywood’s big movie studios, instead of moaning, Tyler chose to build his own movie studio (lemonade)                                to produce his films. One more incredible person is fifteen year old cancer survivor, Megan Blunt, who turned her painful lemon of sickness into a lemonade called; The A-Z Guide for children on how to deal with cancer. As these people has demonstrated you have the power to turn your painful experiences (lemons) into something worthwhile (lemonade)
NB: I have also turned my painful and sometimes depressing life journey (lemon) into an inspirational book: Being Positive in a Negative world (lemonade)

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