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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A book or a burger

The body needs food just as your mind needs information. Your body needs a burger while your mind needs a book. A burger fills your stomach while a book enriches your brain. A burger will give you temporary satisfaction while a book will provide you with permanent fulfillment. A burger will give you energy while a book will give you ideas.
A burger will make you deformed while a book will keep you informed. A burger will increase your weight while a book will increase your mental capacity. A burger will keep you where you are while a book will transport you to where you have never been. A burger will cost you money while a book will pay you dividends. A burger will disappear after entering your mouth while a book will remain even after feeding your brain.
A burger will take you to the toilet while a book will equip you into reaching your desired destiny. A burger may be appetizing but a book is empowering. A burger will solve your hunger problem while a book will address your physical, mental, spiritual, social and financial challenges.
As you feed your body today, don’t forget to make provision for your mind, for what you don’t feed will starve to death. A mind that is not fed will remain undeveloped and undeveloped mind will produce a shapeless miserable life.

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