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Monday, December 26, 2011

Take the broom and sweep clean

Nobody can clean your life but you. Nobody can remove the debris of your past but you. Learn to take the broom and sweep clean. Sweep away your bad attitude, sweep away your bad habits, sweep away your mess, sweep away your bitterness, sweep away your jealousy, sweep away your reckless behaviour, sweep away the harvest of your wrong choices, sweep away wrong friends, sweep away bad relationships, sweep away your low self-esteem, sweep away the negative energy that is trying to dominate your life, sweep away hopelessness, sweep away ignorance, sweep away your bad temper, sweep away your destructive lifestyle, sweep away your nightmares, sweep away your unresolved issues, sweep away your unforgiveness, sweep away the scars of your past, sweep away your fears, sweep away your unhealthy diets, sweep until your life is clean. Don't allow the dust of negativity to gather around you. Don't allow your life to be somebody else 's dumping ground. Don't allow yourself to be somebody's doormat. Don't allow yourself to be somebody's tea bag, roll on and concubine. Don't allow the garbage of old issues to pile around you. Don't allow the odour of dead relationships to hang around you. Don't allow the oppressive smell of pain and betrayal to dominate your life. Don't allow the mud of yesterday's faults to fill your life. Don't allow confusion, sadness and misery to litter your life.Take the broom and sweep clean. Sweep clean by dealing with your issues, sweep clean by seeking help, sweep clean by taking responsibility, sweep clean by embracing change. Sweep clean because the broom is in your hands. NB: you can't employ somebody to clean your life. You can't hire a maid to help you with your cleaning. The broom is in your hands. So, start sweeping until your life is clean and shining.

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