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Friday, December 23, 2011


Wake-up its a new day,
Wake-up to new opportunities,
Wake-up to change and a new thought life,
Wake-up to your dreams and potential,
Wake-up from abuse and exploitation,
Wake-up from fitting in and following the crowd,
Wake-up from your painful past,
Wake-up from addictions and living recklessly,
Wake-up from a restrictive and frustrating job without promotion,
Wake-up from the mud of repeated mistakes,
Wake-up from fighting for acceptance,
Wake-up from pleasing others,
Wake-up from bad judgement and wrong choices,
Wake-up from failure and defeat,
Wake-up from wrong friends and wrong relationships,
Wake-up from being promiscuous,

Wake-up before you are infected,
Wake-up before you are murdered by an abusive partner,
Wake-up from your addictions before its too late,
Wake-up before its too late,
Wake-up before it gets worse,
Wake-up from being a victim,
Wake-up and stay awake

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