Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stay focused like a lion

Focus determines the direction and success of any person, group or organization. It is the missing ingredient in many people’s lives and is therefore what separates champions from losers, achievers from failures and the extra-ordinary from the ordinary. As the common saying goes, good girls go to heaven while bad girls go everywhere. This means that people who are focused know where they are going, while the less focused go everywhere.
Predators, like lions, understand the power of focus. Whenever a lion encounters a group of zebras during its hunting expedition, it immediately focuses on one zebra. And during the chase, the lion ignores the other zebras but continues pursuing the one zebra it has chosen. And no matter how fast the zebra may run, the lion continues with its pursuit. The zebra might even seem to be outrunning other zebras but in spite of its efforts, the lion would continue the chase like a missile until it catches its prey. A lion knows that whatever it focuses on, it would eventually get.
So, like a lion, focus on one zebra (projects, tasks and goals) at a time. Pursue one thing at a time. Even though your prey might try to outrun you, stick to it. Let your hunger for success be the fuel that would power you into chasing and finally catching the zebra you have been whole heartedly focusing on.

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