Thursday, January 8, 2015

Your unique signature

Every one of us possesses a unique DNA that separates us from other people. In other words, everybody is born unique. Our DNA and finger prints serve as a reminder that we are here on earth with unique talents to accomplish unique assignments. For example, when you mention the name Tiger Woods, what comes into your mind is golf; Trevor Noah makes you laugh at his comedy; Floyd Mayweather-boxing, Lira does music; Chad Le cloux-swimming; Brian Habana-Rugby, Messi-Soccer, Alexander Graham Bell-inventions and Naomi Campbell-modeling.
It is quite clear that all of us have been endowed with different qualities for different purposes. The world is like a soccer team with different types of players assigned to different positions to perform different functions on the field of play. But sadly, many go through life trying to express who they really are without success.
As a result they end up imitating what others are doing in a bid to fit in. What others are doing is preferred at the expense of what they were supposed to do. Imitating others is embraced and uniqueness is ignored.
The majority of people have shelved their unique individual traits in favour of fitting in and being part of the crowd. The world is full of people who are living as photo copies of other people. This destructive mindset has created a void in the world; because many have chosen to blend in like chameleons rather than standing out like giraffes.

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