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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jack of all trades

One of the most self defeating mondsets is trying to do everything in your lifetime. Many try to attain success by getting entangled in a lot of activities without success. What the busy majority don't notice is that the few successful ones have learned to master one or two things. Just look at the following people, when you mention Tiger Woods, the sport of golf comes into mind, Michael Jackson- music, Denzil Washington-movies, David Beckham-Soccer, Hugo Boss- designer, Anthony Robbins-Motivation, Donald Trump- Real estate, Bill Gates-Microsoft, Vince Mcmahon-Wrestling,Orprah Winfrey-Talkshow, Michael Schumacher- Motor racing and Naomi Campbell-Modelling. Looking at these examples, it is quite clear that you can become great by learning to excell in one thing. Remember, a jack of all trades always remain a master of none. Do what you were born for and the world will pay you handsomely. I will like to leave you with these profound words spoken by world reknown speaker and author, Dr Myles Munroe, "You were not born or created to do everything"

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