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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Self Education

If you don't take the effort to be informed you will end up deformed. Life is build upon information. The more you implement what you know, the better you will become. The difference between the rich and wealthy and followers and leaders is information. Those who are informed always find themselves ahead of the ignorant masses. Information is to your mind what food is to your body. Information helps you to build your mental muscles. But sadly, many don't see the importance of investing in information. They neglect feeding their minds. Hence reading is a habit of the few successful giants while ignorance continue to be a daily diet of the majority who are struggling.

There is a story of a rich uncle who bought his nephew a gift for his wedding. When the nephew unwrapped the gift, he found inside a bible. The nephew didn't even bother to read it, he placed the bible in a box. Eight years down the line, his daughter came from school with a homework that required the bible as a form of reference. The father immediately started searching for the bible and he found it in a box covered in the same old wrapper. As he unwrapped it, something fell from the bible. When the nephew examined, he found that it was a cheque for 500 000 Rands (72000 dolllars) written in his name.

The sad part was that the uncle who wrote it passed away and was buried two years ago. The nephew who was now in debts cried because his loving uncle gave him money but he wasn't able to access it because of his reluctance to read the bible. So, my friend, i don't want you to be like this nephew. There is so much you can gain by reading. For those who like reading, keep it up, but for those who haven't started yet, i want to help by refering you to one of my favourate websites, where you can download different books for different subjects for free. The website: Please tell me if its making a difference.

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