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Friday, November 12, 2010

The other side of disappointments

We have all experienced disappointments one way or the other. Some of the disappointments includes losing your job,being betrayed by someone you trust, experiencing the break up of a relationship and failing to realise your dreams. Disappointments always leave us in pain. But what we need to know is that there are two sides to every thing under the sun. The other side of the word disappointment is an appointment with destiny. One man encountered this, after being fired from his job and as he was murmuring about how unfair he was treated by his employers. His wife immediately reminded him that it was about time he wrote the book he has been planning for ages. The man was reluctant at first but after a lot of encouragement from his wife, he finally put pen to paper. The book he wrote ended up becoming a best seller thus opening up a new path for him as an author. Another man experienced disappointment after being injured as a player before an important football match and while pondering about his next move he was invited by a friend to join them on an outreach program that was going to take place on the same weekend. The man felt it was better to join his friend rather than going to the match. It just happened that during the outreach he met a young woman who later in life became his wife. His disappointment of not playing ended up becoming an appointment with destiny. Remember everything happens for a reason, look on the other side of your disappointments and you will encounter an appointment with destiny.

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