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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Don't look back, look ahead

When your memory is full of sadness and your life is covered with scars of abuse and pain, don't look back look ahead. When tears start rolling from your face and your struggles seem to be overwhelming you, don't look back look ahead. When people walk away from you and some even betray your trust, don't look back look ahead. When your faith is shaking and your hope seem to be dying like a candle light, don't look back look ahead. When stagnancy seems to be your first name and disappointment, your surname, don't look back look ahead. When fear is screaming at you and negative thoughts seem to be the dominant force in your life, don't look back look ahead. There is still more ahead than where you come from. There are great people ahead than the ones who left. There are showers of smiles, blowing breeze of love, joy and fulfillment and the sweet melody of success. So, look ahead and not backwards. Visualize your desired future and don't even look back and take a picture of your past. Look ahead at your future dreams and not at the nightmares of your past. Drive forward don't even think of putting your life in a reverse gear. As you look ahead the past will disappear behind you and the future will suddenly appear before you. Your prison of pain, debts, lack and discouragement will eventually be replaced by the palace of joy, abundance and inspiration. Don't look back look ahead. What has happened has happened and what has never happen will happen. What you have been building will eventually be completed. What you have been dreaming of is about to come to pass. Look ahead and not backwards.

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