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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Excerpts from my book (introduction)

As my point of departure, I would like to borrow the following thought provoking words from the world celebrated author and television evangelist, Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes. “Life is a roller coaster. Life is not a straight line between two points. It has many twists and turns, peaks and valleys, pinnacles and ravines. It has many elevations.”

Life is full of contradictions. Looking at it is like having a coin on the palm of your hand, because there are two sides to everything that you see on the earth’ surface. The world is inhabited, amongst others, by the affluent and poverty stricken; the dejected and energized; the employed and unemployed; pessimists and optimists; procrastinators and doers; the slothful and industrious; players and spectators; critics and admirers, the abusive and caring, quitters and fighters, employers and employees; the brave and fearful; the astute and stupid; leaders and followers, the patient and impatient; the ordinary and extra-ordinary and the victims and victors. I can go on and on, but what you need to know is that all of us belong to either one of these camps. It is up to you to decide in which group you wish to belong.

It is important to know that you possess the means within and around you to reposition yourself from where you are to where you are aspiring to be and from being ordinary and depressed to being extra-ordinary and exciting. Keep in mind that your current life is a product of your previous choices, and your future position will be determined by your existing thoughts, habits and decisions. Life is like a road with lots of signposts and it is what you do with the signposts that will determine your destiny.

As you go through this book, I would like you to take note of the following points: Being positive is neither an event nor a quick fix solution. But it is a journey, a mindset, a habit, a life-style and an exercise that requires incessant practice, because along the way you are going to encounter portholes of betrayal, stop signs of failure, road blocks of disappointments, congested traffic of delays, off ramps of uncertainty, traffic lights of discouragement, speed humps of criticism, cul-de-sac of hopelessness and isolated gravel roads of obscurity. But by remaining positive, you will find the tunnel that passes through this mountain of obstacles.

This book contains nuggets that are meant to serve as signposts that will help you to navigate through the traffic of negativity, limitations, fear and hopelessness. I hope and trust that the nuggets in this book will challenge you to rise from the grave of your past to the palace of your dreams. Please note that there is nothing new under the sun, even the information in this book may be familiar to you, but what really matters in life is not what you know but what you do with what you know. Therefore employ these nuggets as stairs towards the podium of greatness and as keys to unlock the doors that have kept you from living the life of your desires.

It is possible to live a positive life in a negative world. If you don't think so, then follow me and I will introduce you to people who have learned to turn their lemons into lemonades by deciding to be positive in the midst of negative and discouraging situations. Let us take a journey of unearthing the desires of our hearts and burying the frustrations and disenchantments of the past. There is something exciting on the other side of your struggles. The light is shining at the end of your tunnel of hardships and tears. There is a silver lining at the end of your dark clouds of hopelessness and pain. Keep walking; keep believing for there is a valley of fulfillment, success and peace of mind ahead of you. Remember, everything under the sun has an expiry date including your current challenges.
(Being Positive In A Negative World: Spiced Weekly Nuggets)

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