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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Womb

What didn't kill you was surely meant to equip and empower you. Life is a journey, a journey that is sometimes hard to fathom. Because along the way there are incidents, situations and experiences that will challenge your faith, derail your destiny, abort your dreams and swallow up your positive energy and enthusiasm. This is the womb stage of life. A stage dominated by the overwhelming depressing thoughts of hardships, scars of abuse, headache of unanswered questions and flooding tears of betrayal. All these encounters even though painful are not meant to imprison but to propel you forward. You can learn amongst others from a womb of debts, broken relationships, retrenchment, lack, rejection and failure. And although you may sometimes feel like a dying hospitalized patient suffering from an incurable disease, just hang in there. Because what doesn't kill you will surely empower you. What doesn't kill you will surely propel you to your destiny. What doesn't kill you will surely lead to the people who are carrying the missing pieces of your jigsaw puzzle. What doesn't kill you will turn you into being a better and not bitter person. What doesn't kill you will usher you to your dreams and desires. Remember you are in a womb, a temporary place of development. A place that requires you to push until something happens.

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  1. sometimes i found myself in awkward situation but your motivation make it convenience