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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Choose

I Choose to be positive when everything around me is negative. I Choose to walk in hope when everything around me is screaming hopelessness. I Choose to love where hatred seems to be the best option. I Choose to forgive when unforgiveness is screaming loudly in my head. I Choose to believe God when everything looks doubtful. I Choose to visualize my dreams when depression wants to drown me. I Choose to celebrate myself when everybody is rejecting me. I choose to be a victor even though I may have scars of a victim. I Choose to walk away from the past even though the future may look uncertain. I Choose to soldier on even when the odds are stacked against me. I Choose to get better from a situation that was supposed to breed bitterness within me. I choose to learn and not to complain in the midst of a bad situation. I Choose to learn and not to regret my experiences. I Choose to stand up no matter how many times I have been knocked down by life. I Choose to cheer myself up no matter how many times I have been disappointed. I Choose to wipe my tears and smile again no matter how many times I have been hurt. I Choose to be a winner when defeat seems to be the obvious end result. I Choose to succeed when everybody is gunning for my demise. I Choose whatever I want to be because I am a builder of my dreams and not the resident of my struggles. I Choose to keep trying no matter how many times I failed. I Choose to keep knocking no matter how many doors have been slammed in my face. I Choose to choose because life is about choices.

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